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This blog originated from an assignment for my writing and research class. At that point in my life I had a fascination with women who possess ambition. I wondered what drove some women and how we could reproduce those traits. When I started this school project at Mitchell College, I knew there were many factors that went into the creation of an ambitious woman and wanted to share my thoughts and ideas. I had hopes that it would inspire women to reach their full potential. However, while in route, my path went on a completely different course and it took me going backwards to get back on track. This blog over time went from "ambition in women" to "ambition in humans". I found by the end of the semester, with data collection that when it comes to striving towards a final goal there was no boundaries. Both men and women equally need empowerment. No one more than the other. There is no right or wrong, male or female, smart or dumb path. This was a life changing assignment and I'm glad it happened.


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