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It's not my job to create something no one else has but to create things that help to show the world what's inside me. Not that what I have is better than my neighbors or identical to my neighbors but, that it's my own unique take on the world around me. My mind, like many others, is not even close to rigid. I put squiggles where squares belong and Circles where lines belong. For I while I had to teach myself to show the world I thought in a linear way and attempted to mold my internal world to be this way as well. I was very close to transforming into a rigid lifestyle but I was removed. Painfully. I am still learning to use the crookedness of my mind for my work. My imagination tends to run wild most when it isn't supposed to, triggered by a simple sentence or just a simple 3 letter abbreviation. For so long I wondered why I would over think the silly things and leave the important things for the others to figure out. I would come home and tear myself apart for m

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